Land Rover looking into developing smaller SUV

Land Rover looking into developing smaller SUV

With the ultimate aim of putting a model in the showrooms to rival the Mercedes GLA, Land Rover is looking into developing a smaller SUV. At present the luxury UK car manufacturer does not have a platform for such a vehicle; however, it has not ruled out the possibility of sharing a platform with another company. Land Rover programme director Paul Cleaver said that there was a gap in the company's product line in which to fit a B-segment SUV. He added: "There are so many prototypes running around Gaydon these days - there are more than I have ever seen before. The Discovery Sport is just the start of the Discovery 'pillar' of the business and all will become clear as to why we called it that in the future."

According to Mr Cleaver, there is a market for a smaller model to sit just below the Discovery Sport.

At present there are few car makers that have had success in the B-segment market place and the nearest any company has come is probably Mercedes with its GLA. It is thought that Audi is planning a Q1 model to fit this sector.

Mr Cleaver will continue working with the Discovery Sport for at least another 12 months and will then move on to the next project, which he is not forthcoming about. Having overseen the development of the Sport, including the initial designs, budget sign-off and dealing with parts suppliers, he is possibly ready to move on to the next exciting challenge.

Whether this will be the smaller SUV, we will have to wait and see.