Land Rover Discovery Sport creates new jobs

Land Rover Discovery Sport creates new jobs

The unveiling of the new Discovery Sport by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is not only good news for Range Rover fans but also for workers at the company's Halewood plant.

JLR has revealed the Sport as the first of 50 updates and new additions to its existing car range. The compact Sport utility vehicle will be responsible for the creation of at least 250 new positions at the Halewood plant, which is in Merseyside.

A number of launches have been scheduled by JLR to take place over the next five years and the extra workforce taken on to achieve this will take the number of employees at the plant to 4,750 - three times the number employed in 2010. With the future looking optimistic, JLR has already invested £500m in the plant.

JLR's head of operations, Richard Else, said: "In many ways, Halewood has embodied the transformation of JLR. We have seen our workforce treble and production quadruple in just four years. Today we are operating three shifts, 24-hours a day to meet global demand and I am confident that the team here will deliver a flawless launch of this exciting new model."

The new Sport will be on sale at the beginning of 2015, with prices starting at £32,395. It has a 5+2 seating configuration and made its debut at the Spaceport America, which is where Virgin will offer tourist space travel from in the future.