Land Rover decides on new shape for the Defender

Land Rover decides on new shape for the Defender

Land Rover says that the shape of the new Defender is going to be extremely different to the concept design of three years ago. The DC100 and 100 Sport concepts were unveiled in 2011 with the aim being to initiate discussion about the future design.

The Defender is a company icon, but the original shape is now 66 years old. Land Rover has specified that the change in look will not be a direct replacement for the original model, which will cease production at the end of 2015. In terms of the official 'mourning' period between the end of the old production and the start of the latest, chiefs at the company are currently discussing dates for the new shape's debut.

It is a well-known fact that the original design of the Defender is at the very heart of what the company is all about for many Land Rover customers. This is true even though it has not been a big earner for the manufacturer recently, contributing little to the profits of the company.

Industry experts claim that the big challenge for Land Rover will be to produce a design capable of selling over 50,000 units and thus make it an economically-viable model.

The concept DC 100 made an appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show, where it was praised for its pure and fresh design but did not do enough to convince the die-hard Land Rover traditionalists.