Inside the luxury Land Rover Discovery Sport TD4

With the Discovery Sport taking over from the Freelander as part of the British luxury car maker's restructuring process, the new line-up will have three distinctive models based on the Range Rover, the Discovery and the Defender.Despite slightly softer styling than the Evoque, the Sport has many mechanical parts taken from its stablemate and is deceptively small, despite a seven-seat capacity. Even though the Sport has third-row seating, the legroom at the back is only suitable for a short journey; however, for some occasions this is a terrific feature to have available. Inside the cabin you get what you expect from a Land Rover, which is high-quality equipment. The cabin is functional, well designed and comfortable, and the car's height offers excellent views of the road ahead.

The Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) InControl system is high-tech gadgetry centred on a high-resolution display screen. The driver and passengers can stream smartphone apps, which is far better than the slightly archaic and complicated system it replaces.There is a choice of automatic and manual transmission and four-wheel drive, with JLR's 2.0-litre engine giving a credible 53.3mpg and 139g/km of CO2 emissions.

The Sport has the styling, luxury and flexibility to take on the best in its class and will be a real threat to other crossovers.