Iconic Land Rover Defender to get production extension

Land Rover has reported that demand for the iconic Defender has never been so high, with its order books full. The result is that production will now be extended past the planned cut-off date of December 2015.

Luxury British car maker Land Rover had previously stated that production of the 4x4 would cease in the UK this year and that there would be 12 months of celebrations to mark the event. The Solihull plant, where the vehicle is produced, will now continue production until at least February 2016 to complete the orders. The possibility of extending the date further into 2016 has not been confirmed by the company; however, at this stage, it has also not been ruled out. An unnamed source from Land Rover's Lode Lane plant said: "It is going to be extended until at least the end of February. We have had a glut of orders and are going on until then. Although I've been told that February is the definite cut-off date, someone else has said it could possibly go on until April."

According to Land Rover, production is carrying on in the same way as before and no extra shifts have been added. Every shift would typically produce 84 Defenders; however, due to the huge demand, this output has been increased to 125. It seems that people have just caught on that this will be their last chance to own a new Defender.

Earlier this year the company said it was looking into the possibility of transferring production to an overseas location.