Experience the Land Rover Discovery Sport in virtual reality

Experience the Land Rover Discovery Sport in virtual reality

Land Rover has provided potential customers with a novel way of examining the Discovery Sport, even though it is not yet available in the showrooms. Instead of viewing the real thing, customers can look around the car using a 3D virtual reality display.

With the help of their iPhone and an app, customers can now get a feel for the size and look of the Discovery Sport in a unique promotional experiment.

Company product manager Richard Gavan said: "The brief was to be able to demonstrate how big the car is to customers without there being a physical car in the showroom. I think we've managed to achieve that extremely well. The app uses the CAD technology that was used to design the car and the configuration system to give customers a real sense of what they can expect to see with the new model. It's working too - we've taken orders off the back of it."

The viewing system is already in place in UK dealerships and will be used not only for the Discovery Sport but also for future new models. The car in question will arrive in showrooms for real sometime in January next year and the company has revealed that around 2,500 models have already been ordered.

The order book for the Discovery Sport has been open since September and the interest has been impressive, with pre-orders matching those of the Evoque before it was launched.