Land Rover tests its electric prototype off-road

Land Rover tests its electric prototype off-road

 If you wanted to test a vehicle to see how it handled off-road, you would probably choose Wales and its challenging countryside. This is why Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) chose Snowden National Park to put its new electric motor through a gruelling test.

The prototype electric motor Land Rover is testing, which has been a well-kept secret, was revealed by Keith Jones, the National Trust's adviser on environmental matters for Wales. He wrote on his 'green blog' that putting an electric version of the Land Rover through its paces was seen by environmentalists as a great idea; however, even though the presence of the mighty 4x4 in this inhospitable terrain is essential, those wanting to reduce environmental impact have gas-guzzling thoughts and see the vehicles as the charity's achilles heel.

For completing jobs such as moving livestock and being able to travel where many vehicles cannot go, the Land Rover is the perfect vehicle and it is hoped that the electric version will be just as useful.

Mr Jones added that he saw the testing of the electric eco-friendly vehicle as a step in the right direction for the National Trust, adding: "The nice new shiny and very silver electric Land Rover, which arrived six months ago, will be our first baby steps to addressing our addiction to diesel."

When it came to pulling power, the good news from the testing is that the electric model appears to be outperforming the old 4x4.