Introducing the laser-guided Range Rover

Introducing the laser-guided Range Rover

The idea of a laser-guided Land Rover is not science fiction and could be closer than you think. With cars getting wider and larger, it is getting more and more difficult to negotiate everyday obstacles, such as supermarket or hotel car parks. Multi-storey car parks can be tricky for the SUV driver, with Heathrow and Gatwick airports recently modifying their car parks to make the spaces wider to accommodate the modern car.

The new Range Rover is a great car, but it is very wide; as opposed to the Mk3 model, which traditionally had flat sides, the new model is barrel-sided and requires more skill to manoeuvre it in a tight space.

Paul Widdowson, a research engineer, came up with the original idea of projecting bright orange arrows onto the road surface after an incident on a motorway when he was hemmed in because other drivers were unable to see his indicators.

Mr Widdowson has come up with a more useful tool for the Land Rover driver, however: a green box that can be projected a couple of metres ahead of the vehicle. The box is the same width as the car. When fitted to a Range Rover, the laser that can be seen perfectly even in the brightest sunlight and gives the motorist a fantastic tool to help him or her to complete a tight manoeuvre in an urban location.

If the space is too tight for the car, the driver will get a clear signal. Jaguar Land Rover is moving this idea forward with a view to putting it into production.