First impressions of Volkswagen Golf GTE

First impressions of Volkswagen Golf GTE

Offering a quiet, smooth ride, almost-incredible fuel consumption, solid performance and green-friendly emission levels, the Volkswagen GTE might just be the best car ever to come out of the Volkswagen stable.

According to Volkswagen, this third member of the GT family is capable of achieving 188mpg, a 0-62 mph acceleration figure of 7.6 seconds and CO2 emissions levels of 35g/km.

The GTE is the German car manufacturer's first plug-in hybrid, offering a combination of an electric motor and a 1,400cc petrol engine. Total power output is in the region of 200bhp and the battery can be recharged in as little as 2.5 hours. Volkswagen promises a maximum range of 580 miles, but this would depend on the driving conditions.

Around town the car is quiet, smooth and provides effortless performance, all with zero CO2 emissions. On the open road you can push it to 81mph in electric mode; however, at some point the petrol engine will be needed to conserve battery life.

All in all this is a very impressive hybrid system, which is at its best around town. On the open road the electric motor and petrol engine work well together to offer brisk, effortless cruising in everyday traffic.

The interior is spacious and the materials used are of good quality, while the car offers the familiar comfortable ride that we have come to expect from a Golf.

If we have any criticism, it is that the petrol engine is rather noisy and the extra weight of the car - around 150kg - means that it does not feel quite as agile as the GTI. The boot is also smaller.