BMW opens the ultimate test track

German luxury car manufacturer BMW has spent $75.5m on constructing the ultimate test drive centre in South Korea. The complex is situated in Incheon, close to the country's capital of Seoul.

Customers can put BMW's range of performance vehicles through their paces on a 1.6-mile racetrack or drive one of the company's SUVs in a designated off-road area. The site covers around 60 acres and houses not only a track but also a service centre, restaurants, bars, a training academy, exhibit centre and children's area. There is also a huge BMW showroom.

The South Korean marketplace is one that BMW is keen to develop, having realised its potential, and the driving centre is close to the country's biggest international airport, which means excellent access for clients from Japan, China and the rest of the world.

The race course can be configured in a number of ways, with an off-road course and 'dynamic driving' skid pan section giving people a chance to test out four-wheel drive and features for stability control.

Linked to the test track, there are also plans to start a number of courses on performance driving, fuel economy and road safety.

BMW will utilise the complex's proximity to the airport at Incheon to offer customers an 'airport service' when they are out of the country on business. When they return, their fully-serviced vehicle will be waiting for them.

The driving complex will be opened by BMW at the beginning of August this year.