Audi RS7 breaks world record with a difference

Audi RS7 breaks world record with a difference

If you thought only Google is working on driverless cars, think again. Several car manufacturers, including Daimler, Volvo, Toyota, Mercedes and Audi, are working on the development of artificial intelligence systems that will guide the driverless cars of tomorrow.

An Audi RS7 has recently broken the world speed record for a driverless car at the Hockenheim circuit just outside the German city of Frankfurt.

The modified RS7 achieved a top speed of 240km/h (149mph) while completing a lap at this famous circuit in a little bit more than two minutes and - wait for this - the German car manufacturer then placed a driver behind the wheel of the car, who needed a full five seconds longer to complete the same lap.

According to a BBC report, a system consisting of radar sensors, radio transmissions, GPS location info, laser scanners and cameras ensured that the computer in the boot knew exactly where to steer the car.

Although car industry experts warn that driverless cars are not yet ready for everyday use, a member of the research team that developed the test vehicle, Dr Horst Glaser, predicted that driverless cars would actually help to make our roads safer.

He added: "I know accident-free driving will remain a vision, but at least we can reduce the number of accidents in the future."

Aston Business School's Professor David Bailey said that we must first make 100% sure that the software driving these cars will be able to guide them on roads where there are both cars driven by humans and other driverless cars.