Audi new car registrations go from strength to strength

Audi new car registrations go from strength to strength

Audi is well on course to beat its British sales record again this year and arrive at double-digit growth. Those in the know are hinting that the final sales figure could well be more than 160,000 units, which compares favourably to the 2013 figure of 142,000.

Audi sold a record 85,000 units in the first half of 2014, with the crucial registration plate change in September still to occur .

A spokesperson for Audi stated: "The problem for us is not one of demand but of supply. Even the Q7, which is now our oldest car, is still in huge demand. We've watched our rivals closely all these years and now we're in front of them."

Audi claims to be over 10,000 cars ahead of BMW and double this figure in front of Mercedes-Benz; despite this, Audi believes that 2014 has so far been relatively quiet for new models by its own high standards.

This year has been helped by the ultra versions of the A6, A5 and A4, with the A7 due out soon. The new fuel-efficient models, which are top of their respective ranges, have already produced a 3.8% increase in the company's UK sales, even though they are new arrivals.

The long-term plan of the company is to introduce ultra versions of most models in its range, with the exception being some of its sportier models.