Porsche with a top speed of 21mph on display in Stuttgart

Porsche with a top speed of 21mph on display in Stuttgart

A Porsche with wheels made of wood, a three-horsepower electric engine and a maximum speed of 21mph is hardly state-of-the-art technology, but this vehicle is the very first that Porsche built.

The vehicle, which looks a lot like a wooden box on wheels, was designed by the founder of the company, Ferdinand Porsche, back in 1898 when he was just 22. The car was released over 30 years before the Porsche brand came into existence in 1931 and was found in a garage in Austria, where it had been left untouched for 30 years.

The P1 model has now been given a new home and is on permanent display in Stuttgart, Germany, in the Porsche Museum.

The first-ever Porsche was designed by Ferdinand for German car maker Jacob Lohner. The car weighed 287lbs and had a 12-speed control unit, which meant that it could reach a maximum speed of around 21mph. The range of the battery-operated Porsche is pretty impressive even by today's standards at 49 miles.

The car was one of the first cars ever to be registered in Austria, and was driven in Vienna in the summer of 1898. An unusual feature of this first Porsche was that it had an alternating body for use in both winter and summer.