Porsche Spyder more fuel-efficient than Fiat Panda

The recently launched Porsche 918 Spyder comes with a sizeable price tag at £657,400, but according to critics it is stealing the limelight at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which runs from September 10-22.

The Spyder can reach 62mph in just over three seconds, but perhaps its most surprising feature - as speed is pretty much a given with Porsche - is its superior fuel efficiency.

It is claimed that this new model is capable of 78mpg and that its carbon emissions are lower than those of many typical family cars. This has been attributed to the fact that many car manufacturers are now using expertise that has been developed within the Formula 1 race circuit. For those who are looking for green credentials when they buy a sports car, the news that the Spyder offers better fuel economy than a Fiat Panda is likely to impress.

AA president Edmund King said: "Formula 1 technology has been a catalyst for greener, cleaner, safer road cars. It is amazing than we are now seeing hybrid Porsches with better efficiency that many small- and medium-sized cars.

With a top speed of 198mph and a carbon footprint of just 70 grams per kilometre, the new Spyder is fast and surprisingly fuel-efficient.