Porsche Panamera to share platform with Bentley Continental

Rumours are circulating that the future Porsche Panamera, destined to appear in showrooms from 2016, will share its platform with the Bentley Continental third generation. It will be a customised variation of the MSB (modularer standardantrieb-baukasten, or modular standard architecture) platform that was developed by Volkswagen and features a back-wheel drive and front-engine design.

The two cars will have a drivetrain fitted near the front bulkhead, well inside the wheelbase, as this is crucial for handling at fast speeds. The MSB model will use a mixture of strengthened steel and aluminium, which will make the new Panamera lighter than the 2014 version.

The 2016 Panamera will largely share the design of the current model, and will offer four seats that flank a centralised spine that runs right through the cabin. Its low seating arrangement gives the car a lower centre of gravity, which delivers better handling and gives it more a superior sports car feel.

The Porsche Panamera 2016 model will utilise electronic parts and sub-systems from other vehicles that are part of the Volkswagen Group. Engines on offer will include diesels, V6 and V8 petrol, and a plug-in hybrid vehicle that will use an in-house designed V6 turbo. Because the lithium-ion battery will be lighter, the new generation plug-in hybrid Porsche Panamera will weigh less than the current model.