Porsche Macan to be unveiled in November

Images of the eagerly awaited Porsche Macan 4x4 have recently found their way into cyberspace.

The Macan will not be officially released to the eyes of the world until November's Los Angeles Motor Show, but there are technical details of the car - which is an Audi Q5 size SUV - readily available that should give us all a taste of what Porsche intend to deliver.

Slides presented at a recent dealer conference show that there will be two six-cylinder engines on offer at the launch. The two versions will be a 3.00-litre in the Macan and a 3.6 in the Macan Turbo.

No power outputs have been announced, but the rumour mill suggests that petrol four-cylinder and four and six-cylinder diesels are also expected to see the light of day.

The price of the Macan will be £32,000 and for the Turbo version £46,000.

Other information leaks centre around Porsche's planned newcomers. High on the agenda is a Targa version of the 911, which is going to make its debut at the Detroit Motor show in January 2014, and GTS high-performance versions of the Boxster and the Cayman.