New range-topping Porsche models revealed

New range-topping Porsche models revealed

The new top-of-the-range Boxster and Cayman GTS models have been revealed by Porsche for 2014 and will be available for a test drive some time in May.

The luxury German sports car maker's mid-engine models are based on the S 3.4-litre version of each car, with an additional increase in power (15bhp) and torque (7lb ft).

The two cars come with a standard six-speed manual gearbox; however, for a little  extra they can be fitted out with the company's PDK dual-clutch transmission. Using the automatic gearbox, the Boxster GTS can accelerate from 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds; the Cayman GTS arrives at 62mph in just 4.6 seconds.

Both models are the same with regard to fuel economy, returning 34.4mpg with the PDK version and 31.4 with the manual clutch.

The external changes include a tweaked front bumper, which comes with a black finish near the air intakes, and 20-inch alloys.

The GTS models have more equipment fitted as standard, including the Sport Chrono pack and Porsche's Active Suspension Management (PASM).

The Boxster GTS pricing starts at £52,879 and the Cayman GTS at £55,397. The GTS launch coincides with Porsche's offer of a lower sports suspension (20mm) as a factory fit option for both GTS and non-GTS cars, although the latter is available only through the company's personalisation programme.