Fuel Prices in the UK at a 10 year high

Fuel Prices in the UK at a 10 year high

This year I am spending the Christmas break with my Family at my Grandma's house in Couture, France.

As anyone would do I wanted to roughly estimate the cost of driving down against the cost of using a well known Irish airline.

When I last drove the round trip of 1508 miles to France in 2009 it cost me around £210 in total for the fuel.

This year based on the current fuel prices it will cost me around £285 which is a considerable increase in such a short space of time.

The below graph shows you not only how quickly the cost of fuel has risen but also how the cost per litre compares to the price in France.

The ironic part of this is when I researched why fuel has increased so much the obvious reasons are rising oil prices and the strength of sterling but it is also attributed to the cost of delivering the fuel to our Petrol stations. Now I am no politician but if fuel was lowered it would mean a reduced cost in delivering the fuel and a direct saving at the pumps to us the customers.

Its a strange world we live in.

Infographic provided by Staveley Head