Understanding the Mercedes autonomous vision

There is undoubtedly a revolution ahead in the car industry and it may be that our children will laugh at the way previous generations used their vehicles so inefficiently. Mercedes-Benz chief Dieter Zetsche, speaking at the Frankfurt Motor Show, delivered his vision of what the future holds and how his premium car company intends to deliver this vision.

Mr Zetsche's speech focused on the use of cars on a time basis. If luxury vehicles become autonomous, then after a car drops us off at the office it can go and work for someone else until it is time to pick us up again at the end of the day; alternatively, it may be a different car that picks us up to the one that delivers us. For this concept to be successful there would presumably be a pool of vehicles waiting to be used, and an advantage of having a system such as this would certainly be a lot less congestion on the roads.

Mr Zetsche went even further with his vision of the future of motoring by suggesting that Mercedes would not be a car company; instead, it would be a 'connected mobility services provider'. If this idea had come from anyone other than the Mercedes-Benz boss, perhaps we could discount it; however, as it stands, nobody can argue against the 100% logic behind the thought process.

People who aspire to own luxury cars such as a Mercedes, BMW or Audi can relax safe in the knowledge that even though this system is possible, it needs people willing to buy into the ideology. This currently appears to be a very distant possibility, no matter how logical it is.