The return of the Mercedes-Maybach

The return of the Mercedes-Maybach

Mercedes recently made an announcement about the comeback of the Maybach, this time as an exclusive version of the company's S-Class flagship model. The new car will simply be known as the Mercedes-Maybach.

The Maybach made its debut at this week's Los Angeles Motor Show and will also appear at the Guangzhou Motor Show in China.

The spruced up Maybach has not veered too far away from its original design. It is 200mm longer than the S-Class, and a little bit taller, which it is hoped will improve the feeling of spaciousness for the driver and passengers. In addition to the standard model, there will naturally be customisation options available, which will enable customers to personalise the cars to their individual taste.The Maybach will come with a V12 engine, as featured in the S600. Sales of the car should begin in spring 2015 and although there has been no indication about price, the cost is likely to be £10-£15,000 more than the standard S-Class.

The Maybach was discontinued by Mercedes in 2012 due to a lack of sales; however, it is hoped that by using the Maybach branding alongside the already very popular S-Class, the marketing of this truly luxurious model will be more successful.

There is also a reason for Mercedes Pullman fans to be elated, as there could be plans in the pipeline to release a six-seat version of the S- Class with Pullman branding.