Record January sales for Mercedes

Figures published last month by Mercedes-Benz show that January 2015 was the best January for sales in the company's history. The German manufacturer, which is the third-biggest in the global luxury car sector, recorded an increase in sales of almost 14%. Core market double-digit increases contributed to the 13.6% jump in sales over the same month in 2014, including strong sales in the US, Europe and China. Mercedes-Benz increased sales by 8.9% in the US and 14.5% in China, which are its two largest single markets. The home market for the German luxury car manufacturer also showed a healthy growth of 11.4%.

The steady growth in Europe marks a big recovery for Mercedes, with over 47,500 vehicles sold. The key marketplaces were the UK with a 20% increase, France with 22%, Italy with 16%, and Spain with a massive 47% increase. Despite market problem in Russia, Mercedes sales did not suffer any adverse impact and grew by 16.2% in January. Strong sales were also recorded in the Asia-Pacific zone, helped by 28,080 vehicle sales in China.

The biggest sellers were the newly introduced C-Class saloon and estate cars, and there was also healthy growth for SUVs. The chief of marketing and sales at Mercedes-Benz, Ola Kallenius, said: "We have started the 'year of the SUVs' at Mercedes-Benz with a sales increase of 37% in this segment."