Plans by Mercedes to develop its first pickup

Mercedes has ambitious plans to manufacture its first pickup vehicle by 2020. Targeting sales in Europe, South Africa, Latin America and Australia, the company has not yet come to a decision about whether it is a viable proposition to launch in the US. The pickup will have a payload limit of around one metric ton and will be developed by the German company's commercial van division. Speaking about the new model, Daimler chief executive officer Dieter Zetsche said: "We will enter this segment with our distinctive brand identity and all of the vehicle attributes that are typical of the brand with regard to safety, comfort, powertrains, and value." The feeling within the company is that pickups are becoming more and more used for social purposes, with private users asking for vehicles in this class to have car-like specifications.

Mercedes is the third-largest luxury car maker in the world after Audi and BMW and has the ultimate aim of becoming number one. The market for pickup trucks is on the up and these vehicles have become even more popular with the general public over the last few months due to petrol prices falling. There is potentially a huge market in the US that can be exploited by the right vehicle; of the top four best-selling cars in 2014, three were full-sized pickups. The US market is dominated by Ford and Chevrolet; however, if Mercedes goes ahead and decides to launch there, who knows what the future holds?