Mercedes S 63 AMG makes New York début

Mercedes S 63 AMG makes New York début

Mercedes has revealed its S63 AMG Coupe before its launch at the motor show in New York. At present there are no specifications or price available for the UK; however, the luxury German car manufacturer has provided some details ahead of its début

The S63 comes with an AMG 5.5-litre V8, which produces 585hp, and a seven-speed gearbox. The acceleration from 0-62mph is a scary 3.9 seconds before reaching an electronically controlled limit of 155mph. With a 'sensible' driver behind the wheel, the S63 could deliver a respectable 27mpg; this is due in part to 'start-stop', which is a standard fitting.

Amazingly the S63 AMG is lighter than the C63 AMG by 65g. This is due to the different suspension system used; the C63 has a steel-sprung suspension, while the S63 uses the AirMatic system.

The S63 AMG uses Magic Body Control for cornering and also has road surface scan software that adjusts the suspension to suit the surface being driving on. It has three driving modes: Manual, Sport and Controlled Efficiency.

Mercedes has definitely come up with a powerful luxury cruiser with the new S63 AMG. Expect to see it in UK showrooms towards the end of 2014.