Mercedes reveals SUV intentions in Beijing

Mercedes reveals SUV intentions in Beijing

At Asia's prestigious Auto Show in Beijing, Mercedes revealed the new Concept Coupe SUV that builds on lasts year's compact GLA SUV. With the coming of the new Concept Coupe, the company is showing its intention to create a new class that merges off- and on-road model design.

The Concept Coupe SUV all-wheel drive is around two metres wide, 1.75 metres high and almost five metres long. With a Mercedes chrome Alu-Beam finish, Mercedes is tipping its hat to its majestic Silver Arrow of the 1930s and 1950s.

The Coupe has an upright sports grille between all-LED Multibeam headlights, along with illuminated side sills.

At the back end, the Concept Coupe takes its design features from the S-Class Coupe and has a thin band of rear lights with the registration plate incorporated into the bumper. The body sits on flush-fitted 22-inch alloys. Inside the cabin is the Dynamic Select Control system, which gives a choice of four distinct programmable transmission modes.

As yet there are no performance details available; however, the company says that the Concept Coupe SUV "illustrates the possibilities of a more sporty and dynamic 'on-road line'," and hints that there will be an expansion of its "previously uniform SUV off-roader family."

All this suggests that Mercedes is looking to embrace the popularity of SUVs in a market where customers rarely venture off-road.