Mercedes launches new Vito

Mercedes launches new Vito

German luxury car manufacturer Mercedes Benz has announced its brand new mid-sized van - the Vito.

A number of different variants will be on sale in the UK. The standard van, which has a cargo capacity of up to 1,369kg, offers a higher payload than any other vehicle in its class. The Vito Crew, which features a crew cab, combines the benefits of a crew bus and a panel van.

The passenger-carrying Vito Tourer version will come in two variants: the upmarket Mercedes Vito Tourer Select and the versatile Mercedes Vito Tourer Pro.

The van can be ordered in both front-wheel and rear-wheel drive versions. According to Mercedes, the newly released front-wheel drive system in the Vito range is extremely light and is perfect for carrying relatively light loads. The company recommends the rear-wheel drive option for towing and heavier loads.

The front-wheel drive version is fitted with a compact, transverse-mounted four-cylinder 1,600cc engine. This can be ordered with two different power ratings: the Vito 111 CDI, which pushes out 114bhp, and the Vito 109 CDI, which has a maximum power output of 88bhp.

The rear-wheel drive Vito comes with a four-cylinder engine with a 2,150cc capacity. This model will be available with three different levels of power output: the Vito 119 BlueTEC, which pushes out a healthy 190bhp; the Vito 116 CDI, with a maximum power output of 163bhp; and the Vito 114 CDI, which pushes out 136bhp.