Mercedes hybrid travels from Africa to the UK on one tank

Mercedes hybrid travels from Africa to the UK on one tank

A Mercedes Benz E300 BlueTec Hybrid has achieved a remarkable feat: travelling all the way from Africa to the United Kingdom on a single tank of diesel.

The driver was British journalist Andrew Frankel, who had one relief driver. The original idea was to start in Tangier, take the ferry and then drive the distance up to the Chunnel along the auto-routes of Europe before reaching the UK - a distance of slightly more than 1,200 miles. When they arrived in the UK, after 27 hours of driving, the pair made the decision to proceed on to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, believing there was enough fuel left.

Not only did they make it to Goodwood, which is in West Sussex, but also the E300 BlueTec Hybrid was still good to go another 100 miles on the available fuel.

The vehicle chosen for the journey, a 2014 E300 BlueTec Hybrid, boasts a 2,100cc 204bhp diesel engine and an electric motor that develops 27bhp and 184lb/ft of torque, combined with a seven-speed auto gearbox. The combined torque of the two power plants is 368lb-ft, which is enough to give the car a 0-62 acceleration time of only 7.5 seconds.

The crucial figure for this journey, however, is the fact that the car achieved an astonishing 61.2 miles per gallon. The test car was fitted with a 21-gallon fuel tank, which is an option that costs $170 extra.

The final distance travelled by the team was 1,223 miles - about the same distance as from New York City to Kansas City.