Mercedes G-Class gets paint-job and biturbo engine

The iconic G-Class is getting some powertrain tweaking and several exciting new colours for 2015. The updating of the G-Class happens very rarely and when it does, is usually more evolutionary than revolutionary. This year is no exception, as the luxury German car maker gently gives this very large 4x4 subtle makeover.

This car has been around for more than 35 years and has always enjoyed a steady level of sales, though nothing startling. To freshen things up a little there are some new engines. They include a 4.0-litre biturbo and a V8 petrol engine pulled straight from the AMG GT supercar and the monster that is the G500 concept.

The only diesel engine available has been power hiked up to 245bhp, with an increase in torque to 600Nm. All the models, except for the G65, will feature the stop-start function, though most people don't buy a G-Class for the fuel economy it provides.

Let's not forget that this car is still basically a superb off-roader and in that department Mercedes has given it new shocks, retuned ESP software and adaptive dampers. Add to this the brilliant new colour range, which includes Galactic Beam yellow and Alien Green and you have yourself quite a car. If you really want to stand out on the road, you will be able to buy a two-tone version with bumpers and trim that are contrasting, which is sure to be a head-turner.

There will also be a new limited edition model of the G63 and G65.