Mercedes C-Class Coupe confirmed for Frankfurt

Mercedes C-Class Coupe confirmed for Frankfurt

Although German luxury car maker Mercedes has launched C-Class saloons and estate models, until now there has not been a coupe version. This is set to change, as the C-Class Coupe will make its debut at the motor show in Frankfurt this September.

Mercedes design chief Gorden Wagener claims that the C-Class Coupe will look good and be even better to drive. He has promised that the new coupe will be beautifully designed and even sleeker than the S-Class Coupe.

The new coupe has been seen out and about undergoing road tests; however, it has been heavily disguised. The pictures taken show that the two-door model has been redesigned behind the A-pillars when compared to the saloon car from which it has evolved. The windscreen is raked more sharply and blends into the angled roofline.

At the front of the car there are some sporty touches to define its uniqueness, while at the back the C-Class has shades of the S-Class in its design. The distinctiveness of the coupe owes a lot to the flexible MRA platform that underpins the entire C-Class range. Speaking about this, Mr Wagener said: "You have freedom in the platform with proportions and dimensions so you can create some pretty diverse cars from that."

Mr Wagener added that the C-Class Coupe was the coolest car in the range. The design characteristics can be seen in the long-bonnet cab-rearward profile and the line plummeting down from the bonnet, which gives a clear visual impression that the whole weight of the car is sitting over the back wheels.