Mercedes Benz S-Class wins another award

Mercedes Benz S-Class wins another award

The Mercedes Benz S-Class has won the coveted Auto Express Luxury Car of the Year award again this year, with the Range Rover and Porsche Panamera being commended.

The world's best luxury car needs to blend comfort, luxury, sophistication and cutting-edge technology into one very desirable package - and simply no other car does this as well as the Mercedes S-Class.

After the Range Rover knocked it off the top spot last year, the S-Class returned bigger and better this year. The all-new 2014 model personifies just about everything that is great about the German luxury car manufacturer's flagship and can truly lay claim to the 'best car in the world' title.

As is the case with all world-class limousines, the S-Class gives the impression that it was designed from the inside out. The interior effortlessly combines hi-tech with handcrafted elegance, while both long- and short-wheelbase models offer tons of space for passengers.

Then, of course, there is the pillow-soft ride and the super-quiet refinement. Road and wind noise are both basically non-existent, while the standard air-suspension creates the illusion that even the roughest of roads is as smooth as a snooker table.

The Magic Ride option is even more impressive, utilising cameras to 'read' the road ahead and then automatically adjusting the dampers and springs to deal with imperfections in the surface.

Back seat passengers literally have nothing to do but to relax in their comfy powered seats and watch the world drift quietly by.