Mercedes-Benz launches Sound with Power promotion

Mercedes-Benz  has started a new multimedia advertising campaign this week called Sound with Power, which will promote the AMG. Featured in the campaign will be the E 63 AMG, an LED suit and Tinie Tempah.

The focal point of the television adverts is the LED suit, which turns light into sound and will symbolise different emotional experiences by using different sound bites. The adverts show a driver wearing one of the LED suits, who is then played a variety of sounds including crashing waves, a baby crying and the roar of the E 63 exhaust. Included in the sound samples is a short sample of "Pass Out " by rapper Tinie Tempah.

As the advert comes to the end, all the arbitrary sounds fit together to make an emotionally resonant 'mash up' track.  The marketing director for Mercedes-Benz, Andrew Mallery, said: "Sound with Power follows on from the success of our previous Escape the Map and YOUDRIVE campaigns. It innovatively conveys an exciting message about how sounds influence emotions and then invites the viewer to go one step further and engage with the brand online."

The online campaign will allow users to mash-up their own track and share it on Twitter. The adverts are planned to be aired at peak television times running from 5th October until mid-November.