The arrival of the Mercedes E-Class

The arrival of the Mercedes E-Class

Set for arrival in the showrooms some time in 2017, Mercedes is developing the new E-Class coupe and cabriolet. The luxury sports cars will share hardware with the next E-Class (codenamed W213) saloon, including its boxfresh straight-six engines. The saloon will boast high performance and a high-tech cabin, which will be a natural-looking evolution from the current car rather than a complete change of style.

The arrival of the two soft-tops in 2017, with a hard top version also planned for the same year, will mark the end of the somewhat-cramped two-door models on sale today. The new models will be proper four-seaters and will have large boots. The coupe will maintain its distinctive style when the windows are fully open by not having B-pillars.

Mercedes is getting rid of the V6 engines and is going for less-complicated inline sixes paired with fourpots; as a result, 60% of the parts for the diesel, petrol, fours and sixes can be interchanged, which will cut production costs for the company.

There will be three hybrid versions, and the four-cylinders will be a continuation of the current models. The diesel fours are totally new, and Mercedes claims they are up to 20% more efficient and therefore more frugal. The entry-level fourpots is still available with the six-speed manual clutch; however, most Mercedes clients prefer the advanced nine-speed automatic, as it is a fuel saver.

Inside the cockpit, the new E-Class will have all the latest technological toys for the driver to play with and will maintain the flair of the latest C-Class.