BMW to install telematics in its cars

BMW to install telematics in its cars

BMW has issued a statement saying that it will be the first company to use factory-fitted telematics in its cars. This usage-based service has an effect on insurance premiums, based on the recorded car data.

The service will be part of the company's connected drive technology, which tracks the distance travelled and then provide motorists with a monthly statement.

The partnership between BMW and Alliance UK will give drivers travelling less than 5,000 miles a year the opportunity to save 25% on their insurance premiums. The company will also be offering BMW car insurance, with no limit on mileage, to customers travelling greater distances.

The new service, which should be welcomed by BMW drivers everywhere, comes in the wake of software problems for the company. Recently BMW suffered a network outage when drivers were not able to access ConnectedDrive, which connects the dashboard of the vehicle to mobile phones. Executives at the German luxury car maker revealed that the service went offline due to a data migration.

BMW is just ahead of the Fiat-Chrysler Group with its telematics innovation. Fiat-Chrysler is currently in partnership with Accenture to develop the next generation of connected services, and many telecommunications companies are pushing UBI telematics. Mileage tracking is also likely to see some spin-offs, such as playing a part in urban planning.

The new developments by BMW indicate that the company is still at the cutting edge when it comes to the way in which driving will progress in the future.