Land Rover updates the new Sport

In an outrageously unconventional move, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has made a fundamental change to the Discovery Sport less than a year after its launch by replacing the engine with the all-new Ingenium 2.0-litre. This is not the result of an emergency, designed to rectify a flaw; instead, Land Rover has merely exchanged one engine for a better option. The company claims this is something that it always intended to do; however, the Ingenium was not ready before.

Theoretically the Ingenium is a terrific power source to have under your bonnet. It is economical to run when compared to the engine it is replacing and delivers a shed-load of torque. As a result of the new engine the Discovery Sport is now less expensive in the showrooms, although the entry-level model has lost its third row of seats in the changeover.

With a BIK rating of 23%, the Sport will be very competitive in the company car market. The engine can return 57.7mpg and is very green, with an emission levels of 129g/km of CO2. The car's nine-speed transmission appears to be even better when combined with the Ingenium, with lower noise levels and better gear changing anticipation. This is a competitive sector, with the big three German companies - BMW, Mercedes and Audi - boasting some superb models.

The Discovery Sport is virtually the same as when it was recently launched; however, with the new engine, it is now one of the best SUVs on the market and should do well in the showrooms.