Touchscreen technology for the BMW iDrive

Touchscreen technology for the BMW iDrive

It seems incredible, but BMW's revolutionary iDrive infotainment system first hit the showrooms nearly 15 years ago. The German luxury car manufacturer's system pointed the industry in a new direction and ushered in the era of smart technology.

Even though the multimedia system has had a variety of upgrades in its lifetime, the next should be one of its most crucial. BMW has announced that it is finally ready to introduce touchscreen and gesture control to its iDrive infotainment. The new system, Gesture Recognition, will give the driver touchscreen capability and, with the addition of a camera, will be able to recognise gesture commands.

The system was demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. BMW was quick to point out that this is an add-on to the original dial and button control and that the two systems will not compromise each other.

For people who liked the old system, the good news is that anything that can be achieved with either a gesture or touchscreen command can also be achieved with a button or dial.

The main aim of the introduction of the new control system in the iDrive is to make it easier to operate and to provide more functionality. In addition to this announcement, BMW spoke at the CES about future developments in self-driving vehicles, laser headlamps, electric car wireless charging, and innovative credit card keys.