The BMW X1 aimed at younger market

The BMW X1 aimed at younger market

The X1 was launched in 2009 as a direct rival to the Audi Q3 and the Lexus NX. BMW should be satisfied with the model's progress so far, with almost 37,000 units sold, but BMW is no ordinary company.

The world's number one luxury car maker has decided to market the next-generation X1 to younger drivers with more active lifestyles. The styling of the new model is a vast improvement on its older brother. It is more compact, wider and taller, and has the look of a more traditional SUV. Bolder design lines give the X1 a more rugged quality, which BMW hopes will make it more desirable to the younger driver.

With a choice of four engines and an improved layout, the new version offers better handling and all-round performance. It is extremely well balanced and comes with lots of grip and no significant body roll, even at high speed.

The X1 comes with the standard-issue Driving Experience Control system, which gives the driver a choice of three settings: Sport, Comfort and Eco Pro. This software provides a more enjoyable driver experience, with different steering and accelerator settings for the younger driver to experiment with.

With a spacious feel to the cabin, ample boot capacity and a well thought-out dashboard, the X1 is a desirable car; however, as you would expect, this comes at a price. How well it will do against its rivals will be interesting to see.