The 'sound of BMW' will soon welcome you at your local BMW dealer

The 'sound of BMW' will soon welcome you at your local BMW dealer

When you visit the showroom of a premium car brand, the ambiance is very important. You don't want to sit on a hard wooden chair for an hour or more listening to rap music while you wait for a sales person to attend to you; instead, sitting back in a relaxing armchair while viewing the latest models on a TV screen and listening to the soothing sounds of softly rumbling engines might just put you in the right frame of mind to sign on the dotted line.

Luxury car manufacturers such as BMW are well aware of this, which is why the company has just appointed Immedia Group, a premium provider of entertainment channels and digital music under the leadership of DJ Bruno Brookes, to supply the music channels for both BMW and MINI franchises throughout the UK.

The company, based in Newbury, will produce and supply the 'sound of MINI' and 'sound of BMW' music channels for the whole BMW and MINI network throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

A spokesperson for BMW Group Modern Retailing, Paul Kester, said that the new partnership will set new benchmarks in the industry as far as retail customer experience is concerned.

The CEO of Immedia, Bruno Brookes, said that his firm was very pleased at the prospect of working with iconic motoring brands such as BMW and MINI.

He added: "Music and first-class sound reproduction can be a huge enhancement to the overall driving experience and we aim to remind customers of this in the retail environment."