A review of the BMW 740Ld xDrive

The BMW 740Ld xDrive is a big luxury saloon that is surprisingly light and easy to handle. It takes corners like a small sports car and has loads of luxuries and amenities in the cabin.

This car gets its power from a twin-turbocharged 3.00-litre diesel engine in a six-cylinder inline configuration. Returning a meagre 26mpg, the 740Ld is not for those seeking fuel economy; however, as the most fuel-efficient variant of the long-wheelbase chassis 7-Series, it is more economical that the ActiveHybrid 7. You will never be short of torque and this oversized saloon has quite impressive acceleration, travelling from 0-60mph in a respectable 6.1 seconds. The torque is pushed through an excellent eight-speed transmission manufactured by ZF.

The driver can select from five driving modes, with each offering a different ride and performance. The Eco Pro, as its name suggests, gives fuel savings and maximum efficiency. The car defaults to the Comfort setting, which provides a casual shifting and driving experience for the comfort of the occupants. Comfort Plus smooths the shift patterns further and, if fitted, the adaptive suspension takes the car to a more spirited performance level. Sport mode is more responsive and offers a more spirited drive, while Sport Plus allows more wheel slip before the xDrive system intervenes and more rotation when cornering hard.

Inside the cabin is all the gadgetry you would expect from a BMW. The 740Ld is spacious and comfortable and can be very powerful and fast, and the plentiful torque gives a feeling of effortless acceleration and a sense that you are not going as fast as you are.