It's seventh heaven for BMW drivers

The new BMW 7-Series is big, head-turning and expensive. Although it looks the same as the outgoing model, looks can be deceiving and the new model is jam-packed with all the latest state-of-the-art technology.

The car features gesture control, which enables the driver to operate devices such as the radio with a wave of his or her hand. Another new feature is remote parking, which is enabled by using a special display key. Every 7-Series has an eight-speed automatic gearbox linked to a gear changing software package, which is assisted by navigation data; for example, the vehicle can work out for itself that you are heading towards a sharp bend or steep hill and prepare the gear change in advance.

This is all very smart stuff and the manufacturer hopes that this is the sort of vehicle that will cement BMW's position as the world's number one luxury car maker. BMW said in a statement that the new 7-Series "blazes a trail for a modern form of automotive luxury that is in keeping with the times but also points the way into the future."

Under the bonnet will be six-cylinder petrol engines, diesels, a V8 petrol and, of course, a plug-in hybrid 740e model. The 7-Series also comes with an extended wheelbase if the standard version feels too cramped. You will be able to find out how the 7-Series drives later this year, when it will be priced at around £65,000.