Introducing BMW's statement car

Even the most ardent BMW fan would find it difficult to call the 650i SE a sensible family car; however, what it lacks in terms of practicality is offset by it being such fun to drive. The big appeal of this car for people browsing around the showrooms is the raw power delivered by the turbocharged V8 4.4-litre engine and the head-turning lines. This is BMW's statement car and you will certainly be noticed when you drive it.

The 650i delivers a huge amount of torque and is controlled by a slick and efficient German eight-speed transmission system. At £65,770 this is not the cheapest BMW model and the meagre 26.6mpg will not be a selling point for someone looking for an economical vehicle to drive; however, what makes this car special is that it can accelerate from 0-62mph in 4.9 seconds and has a maximum speed of 155mph. The CO2 emissions are 246g/km.

For people who want more economy, the 640d is cheaper to buy and cheaper to run. The 650i, however, has that thunderous roar you can only get from a petrol engine and moves like a rocket. People will buy this car for the prestige of owning one and the knowledge that it is unlikely they will see another coming towards them. It is not easy to find a sensible reason to buy such a car, but the 650i does sum up what BMW is ultimately all about.