First spy shots of BMW X6 leaked to the press

First spy shots of BMW X6 leaked to the press

The BMW X5 may have been the first BMW crossover when it arrived on the marked 14 years ago, paving the way for more high-riding BMW luxury cars to follow; however, it has since been replaced twice.

The BMW X3 is already in its second generation and, with the BMW X1 being launched in 2009 and the X4 to start appearing on showroom floors very soon, the X6, which was launched in 2008, is currently the oldest crossover model in the BMW range. This, however, will not remain the case for much longer.

Soon the German car maker will release its brand-new X6, based on the new X5 but with a revealing sloping roofline. Even before the company has had a chance to say anything about the new model, a number of pictures have found their way onto the internet to give us an idea of what is in the pipeline.

The general shape of the new model will look quite familiar to most people, if a bit less awkward than its predecessor. In front the headlights and the twin kidney-shaped grilles are bigger, and the bumper looks more dynamic and less horizontal.

Towards the rear there is a fairly sharp crease over the wheel arch, which blends in nicely with the decidedly more rakishly shaped tail lights. The flank of the vehicle is given an even sportier look by the metal vent behind the car's front wheel.

The interior also seems to have been substantially redesigned and looks very similar to that of the new X5, except for a smaller steering wheel hub.