End of the production line for BMW M3

The BMW M3 continues to have racing success, as confirmed by its clean sweep victories during the German Touring Car masters (DTM) in 2012, and by further victories this season. The series-produced model, however, is set to be terminated, as BMW has announced it will end production of the fourth-generation M3 coupe.

This particular M3 was a leader in its class for intelligent and lightweight assembly, with an aluminium bonnet and plastic side panels in the front and a carbon roof reducing the overall weight of the car. The use of high-tech materials in the BMW M3 was a significant step for BMW towards the larger-scale manufacturing of carbon body parts.

During the six years that the BMW M3 was in production, the US, UK and Germany became its most significant marketplaces. The fourth-generation model was made at the BMW factory in Regensburg, with the 3 Series, Coupe, Convertible and Sedan.

The BMW M3 has characterised the transfer of race track expertise to the road. Particularly in the last generation of this high-performance sports car, the technology has provided an intense driving experience, together with precision and first-class performance. The BMW M3 has enjoyed global popularity and will be missed by many.