Electric truck launched by BMW

Always looking for a green alternative, BMW has launched an electric truck on public roads. The 40-ton electric vehicle, which has been designed and constructed by Dutch company Terberg, will be totally reliant on energy from renewable sources and takes between three and four hours to charge. A fully-charged truck has the ability to travel around 100km.

Sources at BMW and its project partner Scherm, an automotive service provider, say the truck is quiet, CO2 free, and will not generate any pollution. It is estimated that by using this vehicle there will be a saving of 11.8 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

The truck, which was officially launched on 7th July, is the first in Europe. Hermann Bohrer, BMW Group Plant head, said: "With our electric truck, we are sending another strong signal for sustainable urban mobility. We are contributing to reducing emissions in the city and are proud to be the first automotive manufacturer in Europe to use an electric truck of this size to transport materials on public roads."

During 2015 the two companies will be using the vehicle on a trial basis and hope to gain some valuable information about how it copes with daily workloads and road conditions. The truck will travel just over 16 kilometres a day between the BMW Group Plant and Scherm's logistics centre in Munich, carrying components such as springs, steering systems and shock absorbers.