BMW wants its luxury car to look and smell terrific

The reason BMW is the number one luxury car manufacturer in the world is not down to luck. The luxury car market is cut-throat and the competition is pretty stiff, with Mercedes, Land Rover and Audi all having their eyes firmly fixed on pole position. BMW is used to the rivalry, however, and has always gone the extra mile to deliver sheer opulence on wheels.

This is the case with the company's new flagship, the 7-Series. In addition to looking good and performing well, lucky owners will also find that the cabin smells fantastic. When you buy this model you will get a choice of eight fragrances customised especially for use in this saloon, which is the height of luxury to travel in.

The lady behind this innovative idea is Annabelle, who comes from France. Annabelle has utilised her passion for all things fragrant to convince the bosses at BMW that the company would benefit from having its own fragrances.

Along with all the other toys and gadgets you have come to expect from every top car maker, the 7-Series comes with the optional Ambient Air Package. This comes complete with a scent menu with different intensity levels and there are four different 'suites' to choose from: Blue and Green, which are refreshing fragrances, and Golden and Authentic, which are woody and comfortable. Ideas such as this are one of the reasons BMW has maintained its position and will continue to do so for some time to come.