BMW uses IBM technology to help performance

BMW uses IBM technology to help performance

BMW is using big data analytics technology courtesy of IBM to help to improve its products and their maintenance and repairs.

By using predictive analytics, there is a better chance of detecting and fixing any potential vulnerability in a new model before it is launched for use by the general public. This type of global analytical system will also include product and development data, repair information, warranty information and diagnostics, which will be gathered and evaluated worldwide.

The information gathered with the influx of a huge amount of data can be used in new product design and also in the production process. Because of the innovative technology that is available, analysis that has previously taken several months to gather can be ready in a couple of days. This means that any potentially dangerous issues can be resolved quickly and recurring faults can be avoided.

A major benefit with the new technology available to BMW is that certain analytical functions can be automated, as there are similar diagnostic queries across its range of divisions and subsidiaries.

About 250 analytics applications are at present available to BMW, which allow over 500 users from the group to carry out their own tests.