BMW to use water injection in production model

German luxury car manufacturer BMW is to install the water injection system used in the M4 MotorGP Safety car in its M4 production model.

Water injection functions by cooling down the air arriving in the engine. With this system in place the heat transfer around engine parts is absorbed by the water, making the air intake both colder and denser. The result is that more power can be extracted from the turbocharger.

The idea of water injection is not new; in fact, it was used in bomber and fighter planes during World War II. It has also been used by car manufacturers, such as Saab in its 99 Turbo. This simple but effective technology is now making a comeback and is an economical way to increase engine power and reliability. Water injection not only increases performance but also reduces carbon emissions and nitrogen oxide, thereby making the vehicle more environmentally friendly.

It appears that the water injection units will be used in BMW M4s in time for August's Pebble Beach festival. The company says that BMW drivers would need to fill up their water reservoirs more often with the water injection system installed to ensure that water is available. The M4 Safety car currently uses a reservoir tank that can hold up to 1.3 gallons and the water is transferred to cool down the engine via injectors.