BMW to convert entire range to electric power

It seems that BMW will be converting its entire range to electric-powered drivetrains within the next 10 years, including its 3-Series sport saloons. BMW is reportedly tired of the tough EU regulations on carbon emissions, which are said to be stricter than in the US or China. The European CO2 limits are expected to be reduced further after 2021, which points BMW in the direction of the electric alternative. BMW is already the acknowledged leader when it comes to the development of electric cars.

In its quest to bring out the most efficient and smoothest-running performance electric car, the company is already working on lowering the weight and examining ways to make more aerodynamic models. The new generation could have separate electric motors for the front and back wheels and small petrol engines to power the battery.

Billions of euros have already been ploughed into BMW's Project i, which is a separate division within the company dedicated to making alternative cars in eco-friendly factories. The i8 and the i3 have already been successfully marketed, with the i3 becoming the fourth best-selling electric car in the US market and 17,793 units being sold worldwide in 2014.

Entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne, who has recently bought an i8 sports car, said: "I'm delighted with the new car, which combines outstanding, eye-catching design with an eco-friendly system that is just superb." The electric car is fast becoming an enticing option, and this looks set to continue.