BMW reveals pictures of the new X1

BMW reveals pictures of the new X1

German premium car maker BMW has recently released pictures showing the new X1 in all its splendour. This new model will replace the high-selling previous model, which during its lifetime sold over 730,000 units.

There are some fresh features for the new model, and a significant difference is that the new X1 will join the 2-Series Gran Tourer and Series Active Tourer in utilising front-wheel drive. This may be a shock to the BMW purist; however, the bottom line is that front-wheel drive will give better all-round performance and practicality when combined with the new engine. The company has issued a statement saying that the development process for this model delivers "the driving dynamics typical of the brand."

For hardcore BMW fans who have been brought up on classic rear-wheel mentality, the new X1 will have to prove itself pretty quickly. CO2 output at a commendable 109-149g/km and excellent fuel economy of 68.9mpg should go a long way towards winning over any doubters, and let's not forget that this car is aimed at the family market. The X1 is a sensible family car and ticks all the boxes for this sector.

More important than the rear-wheel drive argument is the extra space that the new X1 will provide. It is 53mm higher than the outgoing model and therefore even more suitable for driving family members about. With no increase in weight, the car has a larger boot and lots of high-tech gadgetry for extra safety.

Judging by the success of the outgoing model, the new X1 looks set to be a big hit.