BMW releases a video featuring the 7-Series

The much-anticipated launch date of the BMW 7-Series has recently been confirmed as 10th June, and to heighten the excitement of the new vehicle's arrival the German premium car maker has put together a short video to tease potential buyers. BMW's 30-second look does not give that much away, but we will get to see the car 'in the flesh' very soon.

A few motoring experts have already tested the 7-Series in its prototype form and the initial feedback has been positive. The 7-Series will have carbon fibre core technology, taken from the i8 supercar, which will take around 130 kilograms off the weight of the current production model.

Apart from being lighter and therefore more economical, the 7-Series has some advanced technological features, which include laser lighting, a remote parking control app and gesture control. With the app it is possible for your 7-Series to drive itself into the garage while you are standing outside.

The message from BMW is very positive for the 7-Series, if a little secretive. The world will soon get to see whether the car can live up to the expectation levels and it has a lot to do if it wants to compete with the Mercedes S-Class, which is one of the finest cars in the world at the moment.

The video teaser was not designed to give us all the facts about this car and you are going to have to wait just a little longer to see the big picture.