BMW promotes the use of electric cars

BMW promotes the use of electric cars

BMW has released a statement saying that executives from the company have met with senior managers from Tesla Motors Inc to look at a number of methods aimed at encouraging people to buy more electric cars.

One of the major problems for the consumers when it comes to vehicles powered by an electronic motor is the recharging time, which is considered to be too long.  Another contributing factor to why cars powered by petrol and diesel are preferred is the limited range of the electric models on offer in today's market.

No specific details of what was discussed at the meeting have been outlined by BMW, but a spokesman for the company said: "Both companies are strongly committed to the success of electromobility and discussed how to further strengthen the development of electromobility on an international level."

The chief executive officer for Tesla, Elon Musk, confirmed that the company had been in talks with the German luxury car manufacturer about concerns over how best to promote the use of electronic vehicles, as well as how to get the best out of its charging station network in Germany. The American car maker operates the charging stations in partnership with the German rail firm Deutsche Bahn.

BMW is enthusiastic about some level of collaboration with Tesla, as are other German car manufacturers. In January of this year the chairman of Daimler, Dieter Zetsche, confirmed that Mercedes-Benz was open to having stronger links with Tesla.