BMW plans release of Z2 roadster

BMW plans release of Z2 roadster

Following the news that German luxury car manufacturer BMW plans to release 12 front-wheel drive models by 2020, it has now been reported that the company will release the Z2 roadster using its front-wheel drive technology. If this report is correct, the car will be one of the first models to be built using the UKL1 platform.

It has been reported that the Z2 should be in showrooms in 2017, which is about the same time as the model that will replace the current 1-Series hatch. The Z2 will not be as big as the existing Z4 and will weigh around 200kg less. Although nothing is set in concrete, insiders speculate that the Z2 will come with three-cylinder and four-cylinder engines and a top-of-the-range all-wheel drive 225kW Z2M version.

BMW is also considering offering a coupe-style X2 SUV that will be comparable to the existing X4 and X6; if this happens, this will also be available with front-wheel and all-wheel drive power.

The corporate and government affairs spokesperson for BMW, Kai Lichte said: "We can have all kinds of front-wheel drive concepts, whether it's a hatch or a tourer. We're assessing but that doesn't mean we will do all of them. Definitely will eventuate on the next X1; that's what we've already communicated. It would also make sense on the next 1-Series, because from our customers we know that 1-Series customers are mainly not focussed on driving dynamics and they criticise that there's not enough space."

Mr Lichte went on to say that the 2-Series coupe may not be front-wheel drive, as its customers are more focussed on driving dynamics.